Major life transitions mark critical turning points in normative human development. The transition from childhood to adolescence represents an important landmark in mental health trajectories and is accompanied with a unique set of new opportunities and challenges. These challenges overlap with developmental and neurobiological changes at the onset of puberty and early adolescence.

Adolescence is a period accompanied with a steep increase in burden across a range of mental health conditions and social outcomes including conduct disorder, anxiety and substance experimentation. The cost to individuals and society is huge and continues to rise. We need to intervene urgently to increase positive life transitions in the young.

The Consortium Leading Adaptive Resilience Research in the Young (CLARRITY) is a Pan-European network co-founded by Georgia Chronaki and Sonja Kotz. The consortium aims to bring together leading experts from different disciplines including Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Developmental Science and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Our mission is to achieve greater clarity about the core neurobiological, psychological and social underpinnings of adaptation and well-being in young people. Our ultimate goal is to translate scientific knowledge into evidenced-based prevention programs that can help young people be more resilient and less vulnerable to developing mental health problems.

We are committed to excellence in research that can have a real impact in reducing negative and increasing positive life transitions with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of young people and their families across Europe.

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